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Chess with me 

Chess was one of the first hobby/passion I acquired thanks to my Dad. (He would give me extra allowance if I could beat him best out of 5 matches). This was the days before the internet, phones and computers. I picked up Chess at the…

Fun with Data

Players of Australian Open 2019 

Data scraped from official Australian Open site. As part of my project for an online course I’m taking. There is 256 records. 128 from each of the men’s and women’s draw. Data automatically collected from each player includes firstname, lastname, gender, current ranking, age, height,…


A little bit about me 

Hi everyone! Thank’s for stopping by my data/economics blog! I created this whilst I was studying Economics in University. I’m William Chow, 24 year old from Sydney, Australia. One of my many passion is all things data, economics and human psychology . Since I read…