Chess was one of the first hobby/passion I acquired thanks to my Dad. (He would give me extra allowance if I could beat him best out of 5 matches). This was the days before the internet, phones and computers. I picked up Chess at the age of 4 and have competed in tournaments at an early age. I love the game of chess as the winner is normally the one who can think the most steps ahead of their opponent. It requires you to think what the other person is thinking. It is a game of information. I guess that’s why one of my favourite subjects when I was at University was Game Theory. For me, every game (battleship, checkers etc) is beatable. Fun fact, I also participated in scrabble tournaments in primary school and actually won a few.

At an early age, I would analyse chess games after a tournament from every single game I played as well as games from the top players in that tournament, and use this analysis to improve my overall game. I would read books about Chess and study games from great players like Fischer, Kasparov etc. 

Chess was a great way for me to pass time when I was a kid and in High School, I help created a chess club in High School in my first year of High School with a few teachers and was the chess champion from year 7 – year 12, teaching anyone that was interested in learning chess the basic and advanced strategies etc. I was also a regional champion in the Hills District. I was the best at something in High School, and that was chess. People at my school thought Chess was just some board game, but for me, it was much more than that, it helped me deal with time pressure, challenged me intellectually and allowed me to problem solves differently.

I now casually play chess on public transport to and from work on as well as still watch a few videos online and solve chess puzzles. If you would like to have a game, feel free to add me on

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